GFF’s Bone Broth Recipe

  • Author: Nina Miller
  • Yield: 8 servings
  • Category: Soup


  1. Get some chicken feet. 1-2 pounds. Okay, if you’re squeamish, like me (and I can’t even look at dismembered feet), it can be a neck. Or its back.
  2. Cut up a bunch of veggies like carrots (2), celery (2 stalks), onions (1), parsley (bunch), garlic (2 cloves), turmeric (half a thumb). You can also use good ole parsnips and turnips.
  3. Secret ingredient: apple cider vinegar (helps pull the minerals out of the bones)


  1. Rinse off bones
  2. Place in a crockpot
  3.  Toss in veggies and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
  4. Cover with 4 inches of filtered water
  5. Cook for 24 hours on low
  6. Take out all the big chunks of withered foodstuff and feed to your pet pig.
  7. Strain the rest of the liquid and toss the crud. Try using cheesecloth.
  8. Drink the broth and be happy. Refrigerate (for up to a week) or freeze the rest (up till forever) .
  9. Heat up and consume every morning. The best breakfast ever! Also good for lunch, dinner, dessert, and midnight snack. Take it to work in a thermos. Eat it on the go instead of M&Ms.

Keywords: bone broth, broth, soup