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Who is the Good Food Fighter?

GoodFoodFighter Smoothie Game for Kids

Want your kids to love veggies? Here's a game that makes eating healthy fun...

Newly published, this original card game teaches kids about nutrition while entertaining them. Players race to collect the ingredient cards they need to build a Smoothie. Power foods give you advantages and sugar penalizes you! The deck contains 42 charming food characters that will delight your kids.

  • Players will discover new veggies, berries, herbs and more and will concoct their own recipes as they compete to make their Smoothies. And here's what makes it a superpower game: they'll probably want to try out the recipe they created. Who wants kids that make their own healthy breakfasts and snacks ;-)?

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    How can the Good Food Fighter help you?

    • I make eating healthy fun! Do your kids eat too much sugar? Check out the card game I designed with my teenage son. It teaches kids about nutrition while they are having a blast, racing to make healthy smoothies. 
    • The GFF battles all kinds of villains—most of them in your kitchen 😱—and prevails! Have you seen the Good Food Fighter comic strip?
    • Want your kids to enjoy cooking? I post inspiring videos of my son, Chef Sizzle-snap, making dishes you didn’t think kids would like. 
    • I'll do anything to make healthy food enticing! Here I am dancing in my kitchen with kale and parsley. 
    • the GFF’s cool line of apparel, journals and other fun stuff will make your kids into Good Food Fighters, too!
    • Stay tuned for more games and fun stuff coming down the pike...

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