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Who is the Good Food Fighter?

Who's been fighting for clean air, water & food for 40 years?

He created an organization to protect small farmers and fishermen. He sued Big Polluters to force them to clean up toxic chemicals in our rivers, farms, and neighborhoods. He is exposing the connection between the “toxic soup” that our children live in and the epidemic of chronic disease. He is passionate about regenerative farming and restoring nutrition to our soil. He is the best advocate and ally I could ever wish for. His name is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and he’s running for president.

Because he champions the causes I care about most, I designed and produced a card deck to educate others about who he is. Each suit represents a category—his platforms, his values, his family, and his promises to the American people. Beautifully designed with unique, colorful images, this keepsake deck is a fun and easy way to learn all about the candidate.

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How can the Good Food Fighter help you?

  • I make eating healthy fun! Do your kids eat too much sugar? Check out the card game I designed with my teenage son. It teaches kids about nutrition while they are having a blast, racing to make healthy smoothies. 
  • The GFF battles all kinds of villains—most of them in your kitchen 😱—and prevails! Have you seen the Good Food Fighter comic strip?
  • Want your kids to enjoy cooking? I post inspiring videos of my son, Chef Sizzle-snap, making dishes you didn’t think kids would like. 
  • I'll do anything to make healthy food enticing! Here I am dancing in my kitchen with kale and parsley. 
  • the GFF’s cool line of apparel, journals and other fun stuff will make your kids into Good Food Fighters, too!
  • Stay tuned for more games and fun stuff coming down the pike...


Let Food Be Thy Medicine,
and Medicine Be Thy Food.

~ Hippocrates
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